Overview & Download

CueFire FREE is a professional, versatile audio playback software which is completely free of charge. Using CueFire FREE one may easily configure audio playbacks, save them in project files and fire them at the right moment.

The graphical user interface of the software is adapted to the poor lighting conditions of typical venues. Its clearly structured and high contrast interface makes it easy to get familiar with the software. The entire playback system consists of the CueFire FREE software itself and an additional Laptop or PC with an integrated soundcard.

CueFire FREE audio playback software is suitable for both small and middle sized productions. The audio pro may use it for TV shows, musicals, theatre, concerts etc. More info...

    Fields of application

TV shows, concerts, fireworks,...

comedy shows,...

theaters, musicals,...

exhibitions, presentations,...
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  Product activation
  Prior to installing CueFire FREE you have to activate* the product.

Remark: The product activation is valid for all versions of CueFire FREE. You have to do this only once.

Flexible and efficient management of Cues via the Configuration Matrix

DualModeTechnology ensures high availability and reduces accidental opperation

CueInformation shows remarks for each Cue

All of the important functions are accessible through shortcut keys
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